What is the LIP warranty and return policy?

We offer a 30 day trial period and warranty from date of invoice, if the part is returned in sale condition there is no penalty. If we must remove bugs and scratches then up to a 20% restocking fee may be charged. If we cannot repair the part we will send it back. If during this time it must be returned for any reason, please contact Laminar (+1.714.540.8006) for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This number and the date of the invoice (less than 30 days old) must be written on the outside of the returned box or Laminar cannot accept it back. The part then may be returned, shipping prepaid. Include a copy of the original invoice with reasons for the return. Save all packaging, and repack the LIP carefully, as it was shipped in the original packaging, be sure to insert it into the plastic bag first.

How are LIPs attached?

Each Laminar LIP is designed for a particular motorcycle model. There can be no one truly universal LIP, however we do sell three sizes of Universal LIPs for Cruiser style shields. Mounting methods also differ. If possible existing windshield mounting screw locations may be used. In most cases 3M Dual LockTM or 3M VHB tape is used for attachment. These materials were designed to meet and surpass the rigors of attachment in an automotive environment.

What Material is used in the LIPs?

The LIP is made of an impact modified clear or smoked acrylic to make it more impact resistant as well as scratch resistant, this material is DOT approved.

Why we use 3M TM Dual Lock.

In the search to find an application method to adhere our Laminar LIPs to motorcycle windshields we listed the requirements.
  1. Versatile, we have over 500 different LIPs to mount.
  2. No holes to drill to allow return to stock condition
  3. Strong
  4. Removable
  5. Allow the LIP to be removed and/or adjusted after installation
  6. Durable

After 20 years of investigation we have found nothing remotely close to Dual Lock in having these qualities. Certainly though Dual Lock has its drawbacks. Over time and/or if used improperly the pedestals can be damaged so that the mated strength is substantially reduced. The adhesive must be applied to a warm clean surface or adhesion will be much less. In these days of 200 mph motorcycles, strong headwinds and turbulent truck induced wind gusts the Dual Locks may be stressed beyond their design strengths. The mated integrity of the Dual Locks should be checked prior to each ride. If you are a rider that pushes the envelope of what can logically be expected of the Dual Locks perhaps you might elect to use nylon machine screws to mount the LIP. Please see the FAQs for proper hard mounting suggestions. We however, cannot warrant any products damaged by this drilling or fastening procedure.

We still believe that the Dual Lock system is a good system for most riders but if you ride significantly faster than the speed limit you might consider a mechanical fastening system.

Any problems with attachment usually relate to:

  1. The windshield surface not being clean, dry and free of polish . If you attach the LIP to wax or a dirty windshield, then how long you can enjoy the LIP depends on how well the dirt adheres to the windshield.
  2. The parts and air temperature not being above 70 degrees when applied. The temperature must be above 70 degrees F. for the 3M adhesives to bond well.
  3. The 3M adhesive is time setting, and 24 hours are recommended (80% bond) to permit a permanent bond (48 hours 100%). Once setup, the bond is very strong; cold or wet weather then has little effect.
  4. The constant pressure of a heavy cover may be more than the Dual Locks can handle. If using a cover insert a spacer atop the shield to carry the weight of the cover.

How soon will I receive my order?

All items will ship within 48 hours. If a product is back-ordered you will soon be notified and given an estimated shipping date. Any product back-ordered and not shipped within 10 working days from the date of order will be reconfirmed prior to shipment.

How will the LIP(s) be shipped?

Domestic orders will be sent Priority Mail or UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. International orders will be shipped via Priority Mail International or Express Mail International (both functions of the US Postal Service) Some countries have courier companies contracted to deliver US Mail, and may not necessarily use the destination country's Postal Service.