Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the LIP? What can I expect from it?
  2. Answer: A LIP is essentially an aerodynamic wing type spoiler that attaches to the top front of a motorcycle’s windshield. As air flows between the LIP and the shield it follows the inverse airfoil of the LIP and increases in speed. This more vertical airflow diffuses the airflow coming head-on toward the rider greatly reducing buffeting and perceived wind speed while raising the area where the airflow strikes the rider

  3. How high should I mount the LIP?
  4. Answer: Because of the varying windshield designs some LIPs have a larger range of adjustment than others. LIPs that utilize existing windshield mounting screw locations for attachment have no adjustment. LIPs that must fit onto very curved or tapered shields may be very restricted in adjustment latitude. You can see that a single LIP may have a very small fitment range on an extremely tapered shield whereas a LIP on a cruiser shield (tombstone shape) may be almost infinitely adjustable. On these shields we have had riders mount LIPs 5” below the top of the shield and still be happy with the noise and buffeting reduction (see Owner’s Photos Pages). Some LIPs are very sensitive to adjustment and a movement up or down of ¼” can be noticed.

  5. Is there a way to test ride the installation before attaching the Dual Locks to the shield?
  6. Answer: Riders wishing to experiment with LIP locations may use a good brand of duct tape to adhere the sides of the LIP to the shield. Also place a layer of tape between the shield and the LIP to prevent scratching the windshield. Do not to block airflow between the LIP and shield as this gap is essential and should be between 3/4" to 3" at the center. Once you find the best position, mark where the Dual Locks are located on the inside of the shield.

  7. Will the Dual Locks hold the LIP securely at speed?
  8. Answer: The Dual Locks work very well but care does need be used when mounting the LIP. 1) The shield must be clean and free of polish, be sure to use the alcohol pad and test the shield surface sliding your thumb across the shield. You should feel friction. 2) The temperature must be 65 degrees F or above, otherwise install the LIP on the shield indoors.

  9. How can I clean under the LIP?
  10. Answer: We recommend the shoe shine method, with the shield-LIP flooded with soapy water insert a corner of a soft cloth (tee shirt) between the LIP and shield then work it back and forth. The Dual Locks will be damaged when separated so the more you can avoid this the better. When they do not snap together anymore replace the pair.

  11. How can I separate the Dual Locks to remove the LIP?
  12. Answer: Take a look at the spare Dual Locks sent with the LIP to see how they snap together. Get a kitchen or butter knife (not sharp). While pulling the LIP away from the windshield use the knife to slice the Dual Locks apart (try not to pry). Take care to not crush the pedestals, once started they should not be too difficult to separate.

  13. How many times can I separate the Dual Locks to remove the LIP without damaging the Dual Locks?
  14. Answer: If care is taken perhaps 20 times, if the pedestals are crushed the first time it may be once. The halves should snap together, if they do not, replace them.

  15. How can I remove the Dual Locks from the windshield, will it damage the shield or leave residue?
  16. Answer: The Dual Locks can be removed without damage to the windshield by just getting a thumbnail under an edge and then rolling it off. This is much easier on a warm day or by heating the shield with a hair dryer gun. Do not use a paint remover heat gun. Usually residue is easily cleaned with an adhesive remover like Lift Off (Home Depot).

  17. The Dual Locks do not mate perfectly with the windshield surface, what should I do?
  18. Answer: Sometimes windshields are complex shapes so, in order to allow a range of adjustment, the LIPs may need to opened or closed a little or perhaps bent slightly to allow the Dual Locks to mate best with the varying shape of the shields.

  19. Can I reuse the Dual Locks?
  20. Answer: If they do not snap together replace the pair, do not re-use Dual Locks if the adhesive side was once installed.

  21. Where can I get more Dual Locks?
  22. Answer: A less aggressive version of Dual Locks can be obtained at Radio Shacks, Office supply stores and Home Depots, these will be rectangular and scissors may be used to trim them round. For your convenience Dual Locks are available on our website (www.laminarlip.com) listed under Mounting Materials.

  23. Should I drill the LIP and shield and mount the LIP with nylon screws and washers?
  24. Answer: This is a question for you to answer. The Dual Locks work very well but for riders that may feel more secure with the LIP screwed on, they may drill through their LIP and shield. We recommend using 5mm x 25mm nylon machine screws and nuts. Drill through the center of the lowest/forward Dual Locks on each side with a quarter inch dull drill bit (or one designed for plastic) using high rotation speed with low pressure. Just two screw/nut sets should be sufficient in most cases.

  25. My motorcycle has only a "Speed Shield" available for it. What's the difference between a Speed Shield and a LIP?
  26. Answer: A LIP mounts to a bike's windshield. A Speed Shield is a small windshield that attaches to a motorcycle that has no shield but perhaps has a flyscreen)

  27. Do you have a dealer in my country?
  28. Answer: We have many dealers that order as needed but the question you are really asking is, “Is there a dealer in my country that stocks Laminar Parts”? Only the Outlets listed on our Order Info page stock our parts

  29. What is your return policy?
  30. Answer: We have a 30-day return policy from the date of the invoice. The product must be returned in resalable condition as originally packaged excluding the fasteners. Please call us for further mounting advice or to obtain a restocking RMA # (required for returns). Any product returned damaged is subject to either an up to 20% restocking fee or, if unrepairable, the part may be returned to the cumer.

  31. Do you make a LIP for (aftermarket shield name) on (motorcycle model)
  32. Answer: Our policy is that we do not make LIPs especially for aftermarket windshields. That said, sometimes we have access to accessory shields and are able to fit some of our 400 existing LIPs onto them. To see if we have one for your application please call or email us. If we have not previously fitted a LIP to your particular shield we will not be able to do so with photos and measurements.

  33. Will you make me a LIP for (bike model, or aftermarket shield)?
  34. Answer: Not for an aftermarket shield but if you have one of the first models of a new motorcycle that we have not yet fitted we may be interested in working with you, please call.

  35. What is the difference between a LIP and a Touring LIP?
  36. Answer: We realized that there were two different levels of protection in which riders of sport motorcycles are interested. One rider may be looking for more comfort on short rides or track days another wanting to take a long trip and/or ride in bad weather. For these riders, as well as a few exceptions, we offer the Touring LIPs.

  37. I would like to get a Touring LIP for my bike, but it appears you do not offer one. Can I get a Touring LIP for my (motorcycle model)?
  38. Answer: Touring LIPs are offered only for the latest models of sport and sport-oriented sport touring motorcycles and the V-Strom.

  39. Will the LIP work for my passenger?
  40. Answer: We have many customers that purchased the LIP especially for their passengers. Please read the Testimonials Pages to confirm this. Some have told us their wives would not ride before the LIP was installed.

  41. How long will it take to receive my order?
  42. Answer: Most orders are shipped within 24 business hours many the same day, travel time depends upon shipment plan requested. See UPS or US Postal Service websites for expected travel time from Santa Ana, CA., USA

  43. (International) Can you mark my order as a "gift" to eliminate any import duty fees?
  44. Answer: Sorry, we cannot mark "gift" on your customs from as we must be able to continue shipping to all countries.