Universal Cruiser LIPs and Small Universal

If you own a cruiser, there is a good chance that one of our Universal Cruiser LIPs will work with your shield. It helps to have the basic "Tombstone" style shield, but a relatively shallow shield that only curves in one plane (side-to-side) will probably accept a Universal Cruiser LIP. Three LIP sizes are available for Cruiser style shields, the 21", the 17", and the 14".

To determine which size will best fit your shield take the "chord" measurement of your shield. This is the width of the shield from behind the shield (measuring edge-to-edge only, straight across, not measuring the curve, as if you were measuring the "cord" of an archery bow), taken from approximately 4" down from the top of the shield. If this measurement is:

  • -At least 14", but no more than 17"---Get the 14" Universal Cruiser LIP
  • -At least 17", but no more than 21"---Get the 17" Universal Cruiser LIP
  • -At least 21" ---Get the 21" Universal Cruiser LIP

Small Universal LIP (aka 10" Universal)

The Small universal LIP (U1110) will need at least 10" of width (measured in the same manner as for the Universal Cruiser LIPs mentioned above). It really is similar to our 14" Universal Cruiser LIP, but with a much more pronounced curve. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of sport bike style shields. A short list of known applications can be seen further down this page, and we make every attempt to update this list, however, if you don't see your application listed here, please refrain from calling us and asking "Does your small Universal fit on a (insert bike model here) with a (insert aftermarket shield here) ?? We probably don't know either...However, if you have purchased this LIP and it does happen to fit your bike/shield setup, by all means, let us know, and we'll add it to the list.

Here are a few known fits for our Universal Line

* LIPs marked with an asterisk(*) have a non-Universal LIP available for it, you will have the option of the LIP made for it, or the Universal depending on what you feel is more aesthetically appealing for your shield.

Universal Cruiser 21

Honda GL1800 Cee Bailey Shield
Honda GL1800 Short Shield

Universal Cruiser 17

Harley-Davidson Accessory Shields (Call us with HD Part number, most will be either 14" or 17" models)
Honda Shadow Aero 750
Honda Valkrie
Honda VTX1800C*
Kawasaki Concours w/ Rifle shield
Kawasaki Nomad*
Kawasaki Vulcan 800*(or 14" Universal)
Kawasaki Vulcan 2000*(or 14" Universal or K1216)
Suzuki Marauder 1500
Yamaha Royal Star Venture*
Luftmeister BMW

Universal Cruiser 14

Buell Ulysses w/ California Scientific Shield
Harley-Davidson Accessory Shields(Call us with HD Part number, most will be either 14" or 17" models)
Honda Nighthawk 1991 Hondaline Shield
Kawasaki KZ1000 Police
Kawasaki Vulcan 800* (or 17" Universal)
Kawasaki Vulcan 2000* (or 17" Universal or K1216)
Kawasaki Mean Streak*
Suzuki Intruder LC VL1500
Suzuki Marauder 800
Triumph Thunderbird
Yamaha Silverado*
Yamaha Warrior*
Memphis Shades Shorty
Rifle Suberbike Fairing

Small Universal (10" Universal)

Ducati Monster (warning: we feel the Monster's fairing is not very secure)
Honda VFR 1998-2001 w/ Zero Gravity Tour Shield
KTM Duke 640
Moto Guzzi Breva 750 Touring Shield
Suzuki Bandit 1200S 1997-2000 w/ National Cycle Shield
Suzuki Bandit 1200S 2001-ON w/ Zero Gravity Sport Tour Shield

If you have fit a Universal Cruiser LIP or a Small Universal LIP onto a bike or shield not listed here, please e-mail us and help add to this list for other fellow motorcyclist (If possible, send a photo as well!)


LIPs for Cruiser Styled Motorcycles

Note: If you are looking through your windshield as you ride the LIP probably will not be a good solution to your buffeting problems because it too would be in your line of vision. If you look over the top of the windshield the LIP may help with buffeting and turbulence. It is hard to say that the LIP will definitely help because on cruiser windshields the turbulence may be coming from the bottom or sides of the shield.

Six types of LIPs for cruiser style motorcycle are available:


   Harley Davidson Road King                                          Harley Davidson Glide Series


                 Yamaha  Road Star                                           Moto Guzzi California EV

                  Wind Vest 14"                                    Honda Valkyrie Touring Shield


       Harley Davidson Road Glide                   Universal Cruiser LIPs 10",14", 17 1/2"  and 21 1/2


The Universal Cruiser LIPs are made to fit this generic windshield style. The windshield must be curved in only one plane, as a piece of paper may be curved, that is side to side. The surface plane, bottom to top, must be straight at least for the top 10 inches. The windshield at the top must be at least the published width of the LIP at a point about 3 inches below the top of the shield at the center. These measurements need be made on the back side of the windshield, straight across, side to side. These LIPs are made to adjust to different curvatures in the side to side direction. As stated above, if you are now looking through the windshield when you ride do not get the LIP. These LIPs are attached to the windshields with 3M (TM) Dual Lock, this two part material tapes to the shield and may be separated (like velcro) to allow removal and reinstallation of the LIP. This Dual Lock material is very strong. There is great flexibility in how high the LIP is mounted on the shield to allow tuning for personal preference. The LIPs may be temporarily mounted at the sides with duct tape to allow quick adjustments prior to semi-permanent mounting. The 10" LIP below is made for windshields very narrow at the top and also very curved side to side.  The published LIP size is the smallest recommended windshield width not the width of the LIP.       

    The above photo compares the sizes of our Universal Cruiser LIPs

The following are tested applications of Universal LIPs

Some Motorcycles for which we recommend the 10" Universal Cruiser # U1110:

                         Ducati: Monster up to 1998, 1999-on, fairing not very secure

                         Moto Guzzi: Breva 750 Touring Shield

                         Others: Zero Gravity Sport Tour, Small National Cycle Shields, KTM-Duke 640 

Some Motorcycles for which we recommend the 14" Universal Cruiser # U1114:

                          BMW: K75RT-K100RT w/side wings

                          Honda: Nighthawk 1991 Hondaline shield

                          Kawasaki: Police 1000, Vulcan and Vulcan 2000, Mean Streak

                          Suzuki: Intruder LC VL 1500, Marauder 800  

                          Triumph: Thunderbird

                          Yamaha: Silverado, Warrior 

                          Other: Memphis Shades Shorty, National Cycle F15 Touring and Plexifairing I,

                                      Rifle Superbike Fairing

                                   Some Motorcycles for which we recommend the 17 1/2" Universal Cruiser # U1117:

                         Honda: VTX1800C Honda touring Shield, Shadow Aero 750, Valkyrie Touring Shield

                         Kawasaki: Nomad, Vulcan, Vulcan 2000, Concours Rifle

                         Suzuki: Marauder 1500

                         Yamaha: Royal Star Venture

                         Other: Memphis Shades Fats, Vetter Windjammer, Luftmeister BMW, 

                                      National Cycle Plexistar III  

                                   Some Motorcycles for which we recommend the 21 1/2" Universal Cruiser # U1121:

                         Triumph: Rocket III with Roadster Windshield

                         Other: Honda GL1800-Cee Bailey,